Mark Benjaminh Nguyen

Loan Factory

Phone: (859) 322-7004

Licensed state: Kentucky

About me

I am a college graduated in Business Management with background in business operation, startups, hospitality, and finance. I started my professional career with telecommunications as a inventory specialist then changed roles into new market sales at iWireless( a Kroger brand). After that, I went into the hospitality industry as a VIP Host for Belterra Casino and Belterra Park Casino. After, I opened my first business Zen Nails then later a couple restaurants and a trade school. My interest in understanding new venture have lead me into finance. I started my newest roles in Loan Origination at Guardian Savings Bank in 2021 and have loved this role every since. The only down side was that my Bank were very limited in loan products that meets the need of some of my clients. This lead me to Loan Factory. My personal traits are: -I try to put all my efforts and energy into my work. -I will work whenever necessary, I don’t clock out. -I try to find the best solution for my clients. I am a firm believer in treat other as you wanted to be treated. -What motivates me is results

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